Introduction to Ashtanga Primary Series

This course is intended for people who would like to learn the complete Ashtanga primary series, or just would like to practice vinyasa flow class with instruction on better alignment.

Course Structure -The complete Primary series is over 60 asanas, so it requires some investment in time to learn the complete series. Therefore the course is designed in package of 5 lessons, each package will continue with the lesson where the previous package has left off. This way students don’t need to commit to more than 5 weeks at a time. (Students completing their Introduction to Ashtanga are then encouraged to deepen their practice and experience by attending the Ashtanga-Inspired Sundays.)

Four fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga taught in this Introduction
Ujjayi Breath (Breathing technique)
Bandhas         (Internal energy gates/locks)
Vinyasa         (Linking movement between asanas)
Drishti           (Point of focus)
These principles will be applied throughout the course, to enable the student’s understanding and feeling of Spanda (the energetic vibration of movement and stillness).

When? Fridays 17:30 – 19:00
Price: CHF 250.00 for 10 classes  / students CHF 150.00 validity 4 months
Contact: Kane / Francine