Zen&Tonic Studio is happy to host our Yoga Retreat in the South of India in Fall 2019 from 28th October to 7th November

Our aim is to provide an environment of discovery – discovery of ourselves, the local setting and culture, and other wellness modalities.
For this retreat we will be exploring our internal energy channels, which lies in the subtle level of our being.
The Yoga classes will be designed to uncover and experience these subtle energy points. Other disciplines such as Tai chi and meditation will be incorporated to enhance this experience. Various technique of breathing, visualization, and movement will also be used.

From Monday 28th October to Thursday 7th November 2019 (10 nights, 11 days).
Day one will be settling-in time and will start with a restorative yoga class (optional) and welcome dinner and the last day will be allocated for travel.

Located in a peaceful fishing village, the yoga centre is located in a small local community in Mandrem Beach, North Goa. The retreat will be given by Zen&Tonic Studio at Himalaya Yoga Valley Training and Retreat Centre.

How much?
CHF1390.00 Single Room (Early Bird * to be booked before 31.05.2019)
from June 1st price CHF1540.00

CHF1240.00 Double Room per person (Early Bird* to be booked before 31.05.2019)
from June 1st price CHF1375.00

which includes:
• Airport Transfer (From Goa Airport to venue)
• 10 nights shared accommodation
• Early morning herbal tea and fresh fruits
• Daily breakfast and Lunch or Dinner

We have also developed a package for non-yogi spouses/friends that includes includes airport transfer, 10 nights shared accommodation (for single room please contact us), early morning herbal tea and fresh fruits, daily breakfast and lunch or evening meals as well as group excursions. Prices and availability will be indicated in the registration form.

Price of stay: CHF890.00  (Early Bird * to be booked before 31.05.2019)
from June 1st price CHF980.00

What to expect?
Daily Classes
• Morning Wellness: Pranayama, Qi Gong, meditation
• Morning Practice: Asana practice themed on chakras, basic tai chi form

Special Afternoon Classes
• Restorative and themed classes with props
• Japanese massage technique
• Body work with chi

Evening Specials
• Patanjali Sutra philosophical chat
• Guided meditation
• Exploratory Movement

Group excursions
• Visit Old Goa and Spice plantation
• Fort Tiracol and Red Fort
• Friday local market in Mapsa
• Wednesday local market in Anjuna

***For those registering for the partial package, introductory yoga courses are offered and you can join the activities « Special Evenings ».

Ayurveda treatments (in addition)
Optional : Dr Rohit has his highly qualified Ayurveda therapists on site for rejuvenating and relaxing Ayurveda treatments which can be arranged when you arrive. Pre booking for consultations with Dr Rohit are advised. Let us know and we will arrange for you.

Flight tickets not included
We advise you to book your flights early enough to benefit from early fares. Qatar Airways is the airline that offers a competitive price with an optimal journey to your destination. Don’t forget to include it in your comparative prices when booking your flight.

Please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM

A complete information session at Zen&Tonic Studio will be announced on our website to answer all your questions. Interested? Please confirm your presence by email at: francine@zen-tonic.com

Early Bird Fee (valid until 31st May 2019)
Single Room Early Bird CHF1390.00
Double Room Early Bird CHF1240.00 per person
Full Price as from 1st June 2019
Single Room CHF1540.00
Double Room CHF1375.00 per person
For non-yogi spouse/friend Shared accommodation
CHF890.00 Early Bird rate 31.05.2019
Full Price as from 1st June 2019 CHF 980.00
for non-yogi single room please contact us for rate

Video and pictures by courtesy of Himalaya Yoga Valley