Andy: Hatha Yoga

Mercredi – Hatha Yoga in English
12:00 – 13:00
Avenue Général Guisan 58 Vevey
Zen & Tonic Studio

Contact: Anna Affannto
Cours Yoga Club Nestlé – merci de prendre contact avec Anna pour tout  renseignement.

Andy has found his life purpose in teaching others. He believes in Human excellence both individually and collectively.

His teaching aims to inspire students to reach their full potential. Potential for Health, potential for Healing,for Success, Spiritual Development, potential in all aspects of this Human Experience. In his classes you may laugh, you may cry, you may find stillness, you may find exhilaration. Your path may be smooth, it may be uncomfortable on occasions. We don’t practice for comfort, we don’t grow out of comfort. Growth is fed from awareness, awareness is fed from the breath. You are invited to breathe.

My personal mission statement is living each moment with awareness, move forward and expand as a Spiritual being living a human life. The professional one is bringing passionate and purposeful teaching to inspire excellence in every student.  I started practising yoga ten years ago as I believed it would help my lower back problem. My whole body was very stiff, mainly due to the tension in the lumbar. Yoga was difficult for me at first, it seemed so easy and yet I couldn’t do it.  Fortunately I persisted, mainly through fears of how my body was deteriorating and what the future would hold. Within a few months the benefits really started to come  through. I found myself walking tall and straight, feeling good about myself and the  world around me. My dietary choices also started to change. I have always been sporty so yoga’s non competitive, non judgemental aspect has also been challenging.

I decided to enrol on a Yoga Teacher Training course with Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India, and started teaching Yoga at Delphi Mountain Resort and Spa where I was already working as an Outdoor Adventure instructor. I found teaching yoga very natural and thoroughly enjoyable. Since then I have also completed Advanced Yogic Studies and Yoga Therapy Teachers Training with Yoga VidyaGurukul. Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow and Teachers Training  in Envision Yoga. Meditation is also a very important element of my practice and I have attended 4 Vipassana 10 day courses.

Through my practice I have learned a lot about my own potential and the potential in us all. I now enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with clients in 1 to 1 lifestyle coaching sessions. Here I use a variety of healing techniques to release the old patterns of behaviour and open the way for positive change.

My current teaching program is in Corseaux, near Vevey, Switzerland at the Centre Kaisen. I now teach yoga teacher courses with Yoga Vidya Gurukul.