Indian Bollywood Dance with Aishita

Beauty, grace, fitness, expression, elegance, rhythm, tradition, colors – that’s the essence of Indian dance

Bollywood movie songs and dancing takes inspiration from Indian classical and folk dances, as well as western dance moves. In this class after light yoga (for relaxing our mind and stretching body party), we learn hand and leg movements, body gestures and also facial expressions. A good work-out, relaxed and happy mind and also learning about Indian culture and traditions are the added benefits.

My name is Aishita and I give regular Bollywood dance classes to adults and children. I also conduct workshops on weekends for people who can’t attend my dance classes regularly. The highlights of this dance workshop are as follows:

1. Learn basic steps of Bollywood Dance
2. Classical hand and leg movements that are used in Bollywood
3. Get flavors of various folk dances of India
4. Let’s dance on some very popular Bollywood dance at your pace

Come join us on Saturdays from 14h00 to 16h00

19 January / 2 February / 2 March / 6 April / 4 May / 1 June

Price: CHF 50.-

Registrations required: or

Contact: Aishita or Francine
Mobile nr: 076 661 68 72 / 079 536 06 72